Fundraising Events

Zionsville Zeta Sigma Chapter of Tri Kappa is dedicated to raising funds to support local non-profits and our teachers through a grant making process. We provide scholarships annually to college students within the Zionsville community. The following events and activities support our philanthropic distributions. These events are open to the entire community. We look forward to your participation.

Butter Braids: Fall Fundraiser

Butter Braid Tri Kappa

Butter Braid pastries come in several different flavors and are the easiest breakfast or dessert you’ll ever make! Take one out of your freezer 8 to 12 hours before you need it, let it rise and bake it. They are beautiful to serve and delicious to eat, anytime of year. They can remain in your freezer for a year and continue to taste as fresh as the day you bought them. Zeta Sigma sells these delicious treats every fall.  Click here for details.


Santa Breakfast
First Saturday in December
Zionsville Village-Main Street

Tri Kappa Zionsville Santa Breakfast
Each year, the Zionsville Tri Kappa Santa Breakfast is hosted in the Village in conjunction with Christmas in the Village.  Tri Kappa partners with Zionsville Main Street restaurants and merchants to offer a fun and festive breakfast, arts and crafts for the kids, and of course an exclusive visit with Santa himself!





Savor Sip & See
First Saturday in May
Zionsville Village-Main Street
savor 2016 logo

Zionsville Tri Kappa’s “Savor, Sip & See” is a newer twist on one of Zionsville’s favorite events. “Savor” scrumptious food, “Sip” tasty beverages and “See” exquisite shops and galleries, while local chefs prepare culinary masterpieces in unexpected locations up and down Zionsville’s historic Main Street. On the first Saturday in May, grab your friends, and leave the cooking to us. $50 per ticket gains you access to 20 mouth-watering locations.

Proceeds benefit Zionsville schools, not-for-profit organizations and students via grants and scholarships.

Interested in participating or sponsoring? Contact us now.


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